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E-cigarette Australia Product Details

  • Product name: E-cigarette with USB charger
  • Size: 85x8.5mm
  • Accessories: 1 x Battery, 1 x Atomizer, 1 x USB charger, 10 x cartridges
  • Flavours: More than 300 flavours Strength: high, medium, low
  • Charging time: 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Cartridge duration: Approximately 120 puffs
  • Shipping Details: All Items sent via Australia Post from VIC, shipping cost is a flat rate of AUD $9.95 within Australia. (Please allow up to 3 business working days for despatch).
    * Items shipped overseas will incur extra charges. Please check this website http://www.ecigarette-politics.com/electronic-cigarettes-global-legal-status.html to see if shipping this product is allowed in your country.

Please Note: All our products are 100% nicotine-free.

How does e-cigarette works?

The electronic cigarette is made up of three parts; the battery, the atomizer & the cartridge. When you inhale, the atomizer vaporizes some flavoured liquid within the cartridge into a vapour. The vapour formed is odourless and colourless. The device needs to be charged daily and depending on your consumption from 1 to 3 hours. E-cigarette Cartridges can be replaced with new disposable fluid filled cartridges.

Normally $70.., Now $35
E-Health Cigarette Starter Kit
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How can an e-cigarette help me quit smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are a great pretender to overcome the regular habit of smoking. There is no Nicotine in the e-cigarette, just a flavoured vapour.

There are various reasons why people need to buy an e-cigarette, apart from the obvious reason of trying to quit smoking for all the major reasons like health & money. Smoking is just a bad habit, it's all in your head. Statistically the average smoker brings their cigarette up to their mouth around 14 times per cigarette. Let's say a person smokes 20 cigarettes per day. This means that on average the person is lifting their fingers up to their mouth 280 times per day.

What else do people usually do 280 times per day?

Not much... This is the reason why it's such a habit, because people lift their fingers up to their mouth hundreds of times per day. It eventually becomes as natural as breathing.

Smoking is not an addiction is just a habit. Other quit smoking therapies are basically administering you with another form of nicotine, where as you are not breaking the habit. Majority of people try various methods but tend to fail after a few weeks, because they miss the action of holding a cigarette.

E-Cigarette User Chart

Summary: As you can see even if you are a light smoker, you could save over $2,500 in the first year of use. More money in your pocket.... You could spend a holiday and a healthier new way of smoking !

4 reasons or benefits to Quit Smoking now

  • Breathing will improve
  • Risk of heart disease will decrease
  • Sense of taste and smell will dramatically improve
  • You will feel far more energetic!
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Quit Smoking Benefits
  • Your heart rate and blood pressure start drop.
  • Almost all the nicotine is out of your blood stream.
  • Your body's carbon monoxide levels have dropped and you can breathe more easily.
  • Your breath feels fresher. The nicotine stains on your fingers start to fade.
  • You'll cough and wheeze less.
  • Your blow flows more easily to your fingers and toes. Cuts and bruises heal better.
  • Your lungs are working much better.
  • Your blood pressure returns to normal.
  • Within 4 years - there is a large drop in your risk of heart attack. After 15 years - your risk of stroke is close to that of a person who never smoked.
Quit Smoking Side Effects

Weight gain - People who successfully quit smoking may initially gain weight. In a 1991 study that found that the mean weight gain due to smoking cessation was 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) for men and 3.8 kg (8.4 lb) for women, the researchers concluded "weight gain is not likely to negate the health benefits of smoking cessation, but its cosmetic effects may interfere with attempts to quit.[wikipedia]

Quit Smoking Help and Tips

Quitting smoking can be a long and hard process. But staying quit is the longest and most important part of it. Every day you must decide not to smoke today. Each day that you do not smoke is a small victory. These all add up to a huge victory over time. Many of the things you did to help you quit smoking can help you gain that victory.

We want you to quit smoking and we're here to support you!

Warning: Must be 18 Yrs or older to purchase this product - Keep away from children - Use only as directed - Consult your Doctor prior to use - Do not get it wet - Store at room temperature. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy